Load Current Monitoring

MAC has developed a mains powered, real-time Load Current Monitor (LCM) that enable low-cost load profiling and level monitoring of the Distribution network. The LCM supports up to 3 standard Current Transformer (CT) with 0-5A ac output and has a current measurement range of 0 - 1000A.

Key Product features supported include:

CT Output 0-5A ac or 0-5V dc
CT Type Any 3rd party that support CT output type
Current Measurement range 0 – 1000A
Network Voltage Range Up to 24kV Line Voltage
Current Measurement Average or RMS
Sampling Period Programmable: 0 (continuous) to 1 Minute
Averaging Period Programmable 1 minute to 60 minutes
Peak Current Detect Daily Peak Current Detection
Accuracy ±1%
Frequency Range 47 to 63 Hz
Alarms (Immediate Alert)
- Maximum Current Detection
- Minimum Current Detection
- Mains Power Loss
- Load Current Monitoring
- Mains Failure
- Mains Restored
- Independent Switch Input (Relay Closure) e.g.: Site Security Monitoring
- Low Battery
Network Healthy State
Period ‘Phone Home’
Programmable - Daily to Monthly

How it Operates:

The LCM offers a flexible monitoring process by enabling the user select the frequency of sampling (continuous sampling to once every minute) and data averaging period (1 minute to 60 minutes) so as to minimise data volume if required. Default setting is sampling once every minute and averaging over a 15 minute period. Data is stored locally for uploading to the clients’ network at preselected intervals, where load profiling can be performed.

For ease of installation the server application software enables ‘Plug ∓ Play’ deployment of the LCM sensors on the ring network through the graphical representation of all the substations on each ring network.

Product Information Sheets: