This image shows a GridWatch CFM Retro-fit Monitoring Solution installed on Distribution Network Substations

GridWatch Network Overview

Earth Fault Monitoring Solutions

GridWatch is a family of low-cost Earth Fault Monitoring product solutions that are:
  • - low-cost to enable affordable mass deployment
  • - targeted at the LV & MV distribution network (1 – 36kV)
  • - easy to install

Installation Options:
  • - Retro-fit to existing Passage/Earth Fault Indicators in the field
  • - integrated into new switchgear
  • - standalone installation, includes own CT
  • - Communicate fault to utility SCADA or GridWatch server

GridWatch improves the performance of the distribution network by:
  • - reducing Time of Failure detection
  • - reducing maintenance costs

Earth Fault Monitor Products

CFM: Cable Fault Monitor
Standalone Earth Fault Monitors or for Switchgear integration.
CFM-R: Retro-fit Cable Fault Monitors
Real-time enable existing visual Earth Fault Indicators, such as flashing LED or mechanical flag.

Products Mains Battery Fault Detect Remote Trip Level Set Security Alarm Temperature Monitor
CFM (20A – 500A)
CFM-R ‘Real-time’ enables existing Fault Indicators

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Key Product features supported include:

Earth Fault Monitor
Power Source Battery (5 Years) or Mains 90 - 308V AC
Trip Current Range 1A – 800A( Option of Remote Setting from Server)
- Trip Current Detected
- Mains Failure
- Mains Restored - i.e. Fault removed
- Multiple Trip detection (e.g Re-close Test)
- Low Battery
Optional - Independent Switch Input Alarm (Relay Closure)  (Example: Site Security Monitoring)
Network Healthy State
Period ‘Phone Home’
Programmable - Daily to Monthly

How it Operates:

The server application software supports the ‘Plug & Play’ deployment of all GridWatch wireless sensors on the distribution network. Once the units are installed, a simple press of a Test button connects the unit with the application server, where is can be associated with the appropriate sub-station and ring network. Any unit setup parameters on the server are automatically pulled down by the units. An easy to use server application facilitates adding or removing units from a ring network as well as the change in network configuration should this arise through a fault. If desired, only selected sub-stations on the network can be fitted with GridWatch monitoring units

Each substation where a Gridwatch Earth Fault Monitor is installed is visually represented on a dash board screen as in a healthy or failed state. When an earth fault is detected on the network, the GridWatch units immediately communicates the fault state with the server. From the data received, a dedicated algorithm on the server identifies the location of the fault on the ring-mains network. An SMS and email alert message facilities the automatic reporting of the fault location to a list of pre-selected field service engineers if desired.

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