WaterWatch Sensor Node

The WaterWatch solution has at its core an innovative low-power, low-cost sensor node controller.

Sensor Interface Types

Supports a range of standard sensor interface types offered by Sensor manufacturers including; 4-20mA, 0-5V, RS232

Sensors Supported

Dissolved Oxygen, Turbidity, pH Conductivity, Water Level, Temperature, Humidity, Rain Gauge

Gateway Node Features

The WaterWatch gateway supports a network of sensor nodes using zigbee to communicate with the gateway. The Gateway node has the following features and options:

  • - Zigbee Wireless Interface to Sensor Nodes
  • - Gateway Communication Options: GPRS, Ethernet, WiFi
  • - Mains Powered
  • - Programmable Upload Periods
  • - Remote Bootload of application

Web Server Application Manager

WaterWatch eliminates the burden of sensor data management by providing a comprehensive range of sensor data management that provides:

  • - Real-time data logging of Sensor Nodes
  • - Selected Site(s) Setup and Management
  • - Programmable Sensor Sampling Periods
  • - Programmable Sensor Upper and Lower Alarm Levels
  • - Automatic Report Generation and emailing
  • - Data Export facility to Excel
  • - Alarm monitoring with eMail & SMS Alerts
  • - Sensor/Data Association
  • - Data Comment Tag Attachment
  • - Geographical Site Identification on map
  • - Public/Private User Access

Decision Making Support Solution

WaterWatch facilitates critical decision making processes in water quality management including:

  • - Pollution Monitoring Alert
  • - Water Level Alert
  • - European Water Framework Directive Standard
  • - Environmental Data Exchange
  • - River Basin Management
WaterWatch core Features
  1. A compact, low power, low cost sensor controller
  2. Battery (up to 1 year) or solar power
  3. Zigbee wireless user interface to Laptop/PDA/Gateway
  4. GPRS connection (option)
  5. Upper & lower alarm level setting
  6. Increased sampling on alarm trigger
  7. Local data storage ability
  8. IP67 water proof enclosures
  9. On-Site calibration support
  10. Ease of deployment ‘Plug and Play’
  11. Remote over-the-air bootload of application software
Sensor Node Device
GPRS Gateway
Deployed Nodes (Marine Institute, Newport, Mayo)